• Stone-crushing


    We are currently working with a mid-sized quarry in the Barossa Valley.  Part of the site is connected to the...

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  • Making Plastic

    Making Plastic

    We are working with a large plastics manufacturer who has previously moved to wholesale electricity pricing.  Their electricity bills dropped...

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  • Redeemer Lutheran School courtyard

    Redeemer Lutheran School courtyard

    We have worked with Redeemer Lutheran School on a number of different projects. During one site visit, we commented that...

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  • Gawler Community House

    Gawler Community House

    We were excited to help CORENA and Gawler Community House install 10kW of solar on the community house, reducing the...

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  • Bushfire Resilience Strategy Forum

    Bushfire Resilience Strategy Forum

    This forum was initiated by Transition Gawler (TG) to support and educate residents on fire prevention and mitigation through a...

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  • Watts Next schools program

    Watts Next schools program

    The Watts Next program uses real-time energy monitoring as a tool for learning. It comes with no ongoing costs and...

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  • Gawler Transition to Solar

    Gawler Transition to Solar

    A time lapse taken by Environment Science Media of solar panels being installed in Willaston as part of the Gawler...

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