Energy Storage and Batteries

Right now, electricity is cheap(ish) and batteries are expensive. In the not too distant future, electricity will be more expensive, especially at certain times of the day, and batteries will be cheaper.
Set yourself up for this future by understanding your energy needs now and learning more about battery storage.


The Battery Data Package includes installation of a temporary data logger at your home for 10 days.  The data we obtain from this provides information on your energy usage patterns.  This data is critical information needed to accurately and cost-effectively design a solar+battery system and is your first step towards becoming energy independent.


Our Energy Independence Planning Package allows you to:
• see how and when you use energy
• learn more about how to save electricity
• understand the important aspects of battery storage and PV solar
• know the current requirements and cost for your household to move off-grid

The package includes:
• Installation of data visualization and monitoring system.
• Home energy audit.
• Detailed explanation of solar and battery system and considerations
• Three months after installation of data monitor we will have sufficient data to design and quote a battery system.
• After the quote, if you decide not to proceed, we can remove the data monitor and give you $500 cash back. Or you can keep the monitor to help you keep closer track of your electricity usage. Either way, you will know exactly what is required move off-grid and when the price improves, you will be ready.
• If you decide to proceed with a battery storage system within the next 12 months, the cost of this package will be deducted from the final cost of the system.


Battery systems are flexible enough that you can remain connected to the grid and have the batteries work to capture the excess energy generated by your solar panels and release it at night, saving you from purchasing from the grid. These systems can be upgraded in future to reduce electricity purchases or move you completely off-grid. Our grid-connect packages can work with your existing solar panels, or we can install new panels as part of the package.


Continue to pay connection fees and excess electricity consumption

Any size storage will help reduce bills and shift energy usage to cheaper rates

Changing energy habits will help save money over time

May require some re-wiring

System can cost from $14,000 and is upgradable in future


No need to pay connection fees

Storage needs to be carefully designed to ensure you have enough power for cloudy days or heavy usage
Requires detailed understanding of your energy usage patterns and readiness to change behaviours to reduce upfront costs
Will require re-wiring to accommodate primary and secondary loads
Systems start at $30,000 with planning package from $1500.

Please note that your individual circumstances may vary, in particularly the accessibility and location of the switchboard, available space for safe battery storage and suitability of roof space for solar panels. Prices may therefore vary although we always endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible while still providing top-quality components.

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