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We love solar.  Our team includes accredited solar designers and installers, for both grid-connect and off-grid solar PV systems.  We provide invaluable independent advice on solar design optimisation, feasibility studies and payback, as well as project management and procurement of solar PV system installation.

But you should understand something about solar PV and renewable energy in general.  It's a secret most solar companies won't tell you.

---- It's cheaper to use less energy than it is to make your own ----

Installing solar PV costs on average 5c/kWh over 15 years.  Turning equipment off when it is not needed costs you nothing.  


Solar PV is definitely in the mix of products we offer our clients.  But it is not our first option.  A well-designed and sustainable energy management system includes behaviour change, equipment upgrade and solar PV, with the solar PV as the final stage in the process.

We base all our system designs to meet your current energy requirements while also considering any near-future energy consumption changes in our final proposal.

All our PV solar systems are designed for self-consumption, to reduce ‘wasted’ export to the grid and subsequent over-investment in the system. Each system size is calculated using the site’s current electricity consumption history. For this design method we use at least twelve months data of your energy history as well as a good understanding of your daytime energy consumption patterns.

Our proposals are always designed with equipment suitable for conversion to battery storage. This provides flexibility in terms of financing this investment and gives you the necessary time to better understand load balance and distinguish primary load consumption, which is a critical step for designing a battery back-up function in a storage system.

About our equipment

Solar panels and inverters

We use only Tier 1 panels, which means that the manufacturers have full control of each component making up a panel and also how they are assembled.

Our preferred panels are listed below.

Solar World    Made in Germany

LG                    Made in South Korea

REC                 Made in Singapore

Trina               Made in China

Jinko               Made in China


All panels come with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty and 25 years output warranty. SolarWorld is the only panel that offers 30 years of output warranty.


As mentioned above, all inverters we supply are able to be converted to battery storage in the future.

We use only three inverter manufacturers, and they are;

Conventional (centralised) inverter system

SMA                Made in Germany                             Standard Warranty 5 Years (extendable to 10 years)

Fronius           Made in Austria                                 Standard Warranty 5 Years

Micro Inverter

Enphase         Designed in USA, Made in China         Standard Warranty 10 Years

Balance of system requirements (BOS)

A solar system is only as good as the components, hardware and switching devices.

Here is the list of BOS hardware we choose to use in our systems.

Clenergy                    Framing System

Kraus & Naimer       DC Isolations

IPD                              Enclosures, DC Isolators

Hager                                                  AC Breakers

Prysmian, LappKabel or Elcon        DC Cable

Prysmian                                            AC


Our solar offers


Grid connect systems


Grid connect system conventional installation

These systems are designed for powering only daytime loads, and avoiding excess generation. This is the most economical solution we offer and, depending on household energy use, the systems generally range from 1.5kW to 3kW in size.

Currently these systems would have the best return on investment for household-sized systems.


Grid connect system conventional installation with intelligent load control

This grid-connect solution is equipped with data logging and energy management system to assist in better understanding of energy flows within the site. This is the recommended design for people who are looking to install batteries in the near future. The system enables you to monitor up to five main loads at the site and is a valuable resource to enable occupants to understand their energy usage distribution and consumption patterns. The collected data history can be used to size an optimum battery storage system.


Grid connect hybrid systems (for more information on batteries also see our Battery Storage page)

Grid connect system with 2kWh battery storage with intelligent load control.

As well as solar panels, this system includes SMA energy meter, SMA Manager and 4 PlugWise power points.

During daytime this system utilises excess solar energy to charge batteries and engage or control loads via PlugWise to maximise usage of generated solar power.


Grid connect systems with a back up function

In addition to a grid-connect system this system includes flexible battery storage to meet your daily energy needs, and the Sunny Island inverter charger by SMA. This system can be configured as hybrid and backup system.

Batteries are the main contributor to the high cost of these systems. To optimise the upfront cost of these systems we highly recommend data logging of the whole site including the larger loads such as air conditioning units.

We also encourage full customer involvement in the energy study for two reasons;

  • Firstly to provide us with quality information about your energy consumption and
  • Secondly to understand whether site energy dynamics can be modified to minimise demand.


*Please note that installation of hybrid or back up systems may require some electrical changes to your switchboard.


Our mission is not only to provide all our customers with a quality solution but also help you in understanding your energy requirements. This methodology also empowers you in the decision-making process and consequently results in an optimum outcome.

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