YES program

Most businesses know they need to pay more attention to their energy costs and usage but don't have the knowledge or resources.  Your Energy Solution, or YES, is a holistic approach to energy savings, which will have lasting positive impacts in the workplace, and even flow through to personal electricity bills.

Your Energy Solution (YES) is a flexible, responsive approach to cost-saving. 

The program can be adjusted to suit your organisation’s needs and budget – you are in charge.


YES is an optimization process of your operations using our energy expertise and your staff, not just an outsider-conducted energy audit. It is a program which includes energy auditing, energy purchasing arrangements and staff engagement to provide the tools to allow your organization to respond more appropriately to energy challenges and create an energy-wise culture.

The optimal proposal includes creating an Action Team and involving your staff in the program. Involving your people reduces the direct cost to your organization and encourages quicker, more sustainable results. If you don’t have the staff resources to contribute, then we offer our STANDARD PROPOSAL, a more traditional energy audit and consultation program.



We start by understanding your energy situation [equivalent to modified AS Level 1 audit]

o   Obtain and analyse existing energy consumption data and bills

o   Identify potential savings in energy purchasing and energy efficiency

o   Presentation of findings to senior management and interested staff

o   Development of preliminary energy objectives




Action Team support and site visit

o   Formation of Action Team

o   Site Visit (one site only)

o   Allocation of tasks and responsibilities

o   Two follow up meetings to provide support and maintain progress

o   Collation of findings and results from Action Team

o   Presentation to management along with future recommendations




After your Action Team has been supported and mentored to understand your energy consumption and opportunities and taken some action, they may be ready to continue meeting regularly with only occasional support from us.

Or you may be satisfied with the results already achieved and not decide to continue with the program.

Or you may be inspired and excited about what has been achieved so far and want to keep growing and improving your energy and environmental management systems.

Our partnership approach to sustaining your progress is structured, with workshops and training for your policy team as well as regular reporting to management.



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