Zero waste to landfill Event Management

We delight in finding innovative, cost-effective solutions to your waste generation concerns, working co-operatively with caterers, cleaners and other contractors to achieve the desired results for your event.


Decreasing the amount of waste generated during your event has a wide range of benefits, including:



-reduces waste sent to landfill

-recycling reduces the energy and raw material needed for producing new products

-diverting compostable materials provides material for soil enrichment


-the overall cost for implementing recycling and other waste management is a very small proportion of the overall cost of running an event

-costs for using compostable catering products can be passed directly to consumers, adding around two cents per item to the price

-bulk purchasing arrangements can be made to reduce the cost of compostable catering products

-using on-site recycling stations reinforces the perception of your event and company as being environmentally aware and enhances your public image


Some suggestions we would love to help you implement…


  • Set up convenient, well-marked bins to receive recyclables.
  • Avoid the use of individually packaged beverages, condiments, paper napkins, disposable cups and plates, plastic straws and coffee cup lids. Compostable options exist for many of these.
  • purchase condiments in bulk and dispense in refillable containers.
  • Consider using hired crockery and cutlery rather than disposable
  • eliminate excess packaging on purchases for your event.
  • Identify local, sustainable purchasing options for your event requirements
  • Include in your event marketing that it is a “Waste Free Event”.
  • Recommend that guests attending the event bring along a set of food utensils and

containers with them (eg mugs, cloth serviettes, cutlery, plate or bowl).

  • Sell branded reusable food utensils in a carry pack for use at your event and to keep as a souvenir.
  • Design signage and other marketing materials to be recycled, recyclable or reusable.



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